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Volunteer Information

The Mamas Expo is a community event that encourages and appreciates the involvement of the New York City community. The volunteers who come out to work on the Expo become friends and collaborators who we value above all else. In exchange for your time, you will receive a free family pass to the Expo, a VIP gift bag* and a special thank you on our Expo program.

Volunteer Opportunities

Pre Expo Promotion 
Volunteer’s who assist with pre expo promotion help with getting the word out about the event. This includes posting about it on your social media channels, posting printed materials in your neighborhood, and attending pre expo marketing events to promote the event.

Gift Bag Preparation
The Mamas Expo assembles over 300 gift bags for the event and are always in need of organized volunteers who can help with this process.

Event Design/ Art Installation 
We LOVE collaborating with local artists and designers to create the Mamas Expo. If you are a local artist or designer who would like to present an installation at the Expo please contact us.

Day of Event Volunteer
Volunteering on the day of the Mamas Expo is a fast paced, exciting experience. Volunteers help out with crowd control, VIP access, guest check in and more.

Set Up Crew 
The Mamas Expo set up crew is a hard core bunch of mamas and papas who are not afraid to get their hands dirty. The set up crew helps with table set up, equipment moving, and general set up of the event.

Clean Up Crew
Similar to our load in crew but this happens at the end of the day.

Volunteer Registration