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The Mamas Expo is on May 4th, 2014 at the New York Hall of Science in NYC.  As part of the expo experience, VIP ticket holders and exhibitors are able to receive exclusive gift bags that are filled with the very best products and service discounts. Businesses donating items to these gift bags will gain valuable exposure to the key demographics of expecting and new parents with children up to age 6 and local business owners in the New York City area. Gift bag inclusion is FREE with your donation of products.

Among the benefits* of participating in our gift bags are:

  • Logo and link on our Mamas Expo website
  • Brand promoted on our social media networks prior to the Expo
  • Option to hold a giveaway on any of our Mamas websites (minimum $100 gift value)
  • Brand promoted in an Expo Swag Bag article on our websites
  • Gift Bag Sponsorship status
  • Mentions in our PR releases about the Mamas Expo
  • Brand featured at our pre-Expo events including March for Babies in April

* Specific promotional benefits depend on the value of donated items.

Please contact Randi Madrid at [email protected] if you have any questions about inclusion that are not answered on the above pages.