Depression During Pregnancy: Resources for Moms

origin_384897907Most people think of pregnancy as a joyous occasion, one where days are spent thinking about baby names, looking at paint chips, and adorable little clothes; while this is true for many women, there are also those who find is difficult to be in state of bliss, those who suffer from depression.

The common view of depression and pregnancy is that it happens after the baby is born; however, there are a growing number of women who are suffering from depression during pregnancy. The common view of depression as something that occurs post-pregnancy, causes many women to dismiss their feelings as moodiness due to hormonal changes. Emily Dagostino in her piece “Third Trimester Malaise,” discusses how in the third trimester of her pregnancy, she seemed to literally “meltdown,” to fall away from the world and how things eventually seemed to turn around.

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Below are some resources for depression during and after pregnancy:

US Department of Health Service Maternal Child Health

March of Dimes

Postpartum Support International



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