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About The Expo FAQ

What is the Mamas Expo?
The Mamas Expo is a one day family friendly expo that celebrates parenting culture in New York City and beyond. The Mamas Expo aims to highlight resources for local parents and children that make parenting in their area more informative and fun. From finding new local classes and schools, to the best innovative products and retail stores, expo goers will receive an exclusive look at all of the new resources available to make sure they are always in-the-know. For more information about what to expect at the 2014 Mamas Expo click here.

Why Do You Call it a Mamas Expo?
There is a word, and only one, spoken the same way in nearly every language known to humankind. That word, of course, is “mama.” While it’s true that most languages vary when it comes to the formal word mother, the intimate mama stays the same in each language. The Mamas Expo started in Queens, NY which is considered to be one of the most diverse communities in the world. Therefore, even though the expo (and all other Mamas Network brands) are for everyone, the word “Mama” fully represents what we are about. Bringing together all parents no matter their background to celebrate ….well….being parents!

Ticket & Attendee FAQ

Is The Mamas Expo a Free Event?
Yes and No. The Mamas Expo is FREE with NYSCI admission which means if the NYSCI is free, so is the expo. If you pay to get into the NYSCI, the expo is still free… make sense?

How Can I Buy Tickets to the Expo?
The Mamas Expo is free with NYSCI admission however there are advance purchase options available here.

I am a member of the NYSCI. Do I need to buy a ticket?
No. All members of the New York Hall of Science get into the expo for free. In fact, if you are attending with 3 or more people, it may be cheaper to become a member. That way you can attend the expo and the NYSCI year round! Click here for membership information.

Will tickets be available on the day for purchase?
Yes! You can show up on Sunday May 4th and purchase regular priced admission to the New York Hall of Science which will give you access to the Mamas Expo for free.

Are the NYSCI exhibits open during the Expo?
Yes! The Hall of Science will be open as usual – exhibits included.

Can I bring my spouse and kids to the Expo?
Yes! Spouses and children are encouraged to attend though everyone over the age of 2 needs a ticket.

Can I shop at the Expo?
Yes! Many of our vendors will be set up to sell their products.

Exhibitor FAQ

Is The Mamas Expo a Trade Show?
No. The Mamas Expo is attended by trade professionals, local business owners, press, and the general public. Therefore we do not typically refer to it as a trade show. It is more of an interactive display of everything cool in NYC for parents. There are very little restrictions as to what a business can do at the expo which is why we try to not place a label on it. Think of it more like a family friendly State Fair.

Why Should I Attend The Mamas Expo as an Exhibitor?
The Mamas Expo is a great place to create brand awareness among a large group of parents. Typically, parents come to the expo to see whats out there rather than make purchases on the spot. Thats not to say that moms don’t love to shop and many of our exhibitors quickly sell out of their stock if they sell at the expo. Think of the expo as a long term investment in your grass roots marketing efforts as parents will leave the expo with information about your brand, samples, and will likely return at some point throughout the year to become a customer.

How Much Does it Cost to Exhibit?
Exhibitor prices vary depending on what your needs are. Click here to see all of our exhibitor information.

Are there any free exhibitor opportunities at the expo?
Yes! You may participate in our VIP or exhibitor gift bags, or submit a partnership idea.

Are there Other Expos like the Mamas Expo in NYC? 
There are many wonderful events in New York City of this kind and each of them are a little different. We encourage you to look at all of them and decide which one is best for your business. Here are some you may want to look at: New York Baby Show, Brooklyn Baby Expo, Mommybites Summit, and the Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower.

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